Blockchaineeze a SMAU Padova

Mai pensato che la #Bockchain potesse applicarsi alla #DigitalCommunication? @Fgiacomozzi il 29 marzo alle 14:00 a #Smau Padova analizza le potenzialità del nuovo paradigma tecnologico per offrire progetti di #comunicazione …

Disrupting the reward programs

Reinventing the rewards market and placing the power in the hands of consumers should create value, global reach and a better user experience

Basic Attention Token

Digital advertising is broken. It is a market filled with middlemen and fraudsters, hurting users, publishers and advertisers.

Smart solution for loyalty programs

Advocates, fans of and investors in Blockchain can claim dozens even hundreds of reasons they’re in favour of the technology

Changing Digital Marketing

In the current digital advertising industry, people are beholden to the marketer. They often have little to no control of their personal data.

Against fake news: Trusted News

Trusted News is powered by MetaCert’s Protocol, and uses independent, politically objective data sources to measure the truthfulness of news content.